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Garden Design

Gardens are about space and about place making.

Designing gardens is about creating spaces and defining form within places.  By balancing the use, function, movement and purpose of a garden, and bringing together cohesive design elements of plant combination’s and hardscape materials, colors and textures for an overall defined aesthetic.  When successful, the homeowner strengthens their tie to where they live by making connections to nature and gain a peaceful sense of place.  It is about the connection we can make to our natural world.

The garden design process:
  • Orientation: Phone consultation and site visit and assessing it’s potential and learning about the clients lifestyle and what kind of relationship they want to have with their garden, along with talking about the scope of the project and budget.  I take photographs and get a sense of the overall challenges and possibilities.
  • Design Development
  • Preliminary Plan
  • Working Drawings
  • Construction Observation

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