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Cement Morphosis

by DENKER on June 3, 2013, no comments

Surprisingly, this cement morphosis wall is in Albany CA.  The garden has the potential to be uniquely beautiful.  The project seems to be in a state of frozen progress.  The cement work is very tactile, smooth and with intriguing openings that frame select views.  With the front lower retaining wall gone, add steel edging, smooth black pebbles and planting, this could be so much more.






Here’s another cement morphosis project I spotted while on a bike ride – a residential entry bench.  The use of cement in the form of a mattress is playful in its contrast of hard & soft.  The repetition of the mattress button indents created a nice grid pattern texture in shadow.  Both of these projects are a reminder that cement can be used creatively and in soft forms.  In review, these cement works are much more interesting up close, even though the finishing result is reminiscent of a slice of swiss cheese, and a petrified futon.


In north Berkeley’s Thousands Oaks neighborhood there were originally 20 or more urns that graced sidewalks, the rocky stair paths, and the Indian Rock trails.  When Thousand Oaks was subdivided in 1909, the developers placed monumental urns around the new residential tract.  Civic art, like the stone pillars of Northbrae and Cragmont, the fountain at Marin Circle and the gates of the Claremont and Claremont Court, were part of the overall architectural landscape development at that time, and gave each new area an identity.  This photo shows a new replica urn at the Great Stone Face Park.
IMG_0445 100-Oaks-urn