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Berkeley Hills Oak, Wall & Entry

by DENKER on June 1, 2013, no comments

There’s endless landscape & architectural riches in the Berkeley Hills.  Here’s one from a walk.



An additional note about oaks from a Pacific Horticulture book review of Oak: The Frame of Civilization

“Oaks have played a surprisingly influential role in allowing human societies to flourish.  Where oaks were common, the earliest hunter-gatherers congregated.  There, they found food, shelter, bark for clothing and footwear, wood for fire and construction, and eventually materials for tanning, medicines and even ink for some of the earliest written communication.  A distribution map of the world’s oak species would show that concentrated populations of oaks coincided with the earliest human population centers.”

Here’s another oak photo taken at the Alice Waters Edible School Yard Garden.  This photo conjures up so many memories for me, my early childhood schooling at Pacific Ackworth Friends School, where we had classes under tree canopies – creative writing class with our marble covered journals under a pepper tree; and the magical so cal Renaissance Pleasure Faire in the Malibu/Agoura Hills where my family spent a good 25 years in costume!